Not a clear as I would like to have had photo, but look at the woman in the reddish tank top on the right.

I don’t know why the fuck I let my guard down…..  Saw a bunch of emergency equipment nearby and during my break, went into the Metro Center station to see if this was abut Metro….again.  It wasn’t.

While I was down there, the woman got my attention, showed me a paper metro fare card with too little value to get back in the Metro system so could I spare some change.

Gave her a dollar bill and then 2 hours later as I again descended in the station this time to board a train to take me back to my car,  there she was as you see in the picture… still trying to get money to “get back on the Metro”….

Shit & fuck,  that’s one of the oldest tricks these shiftless panhandlers use and I should have known damned well better to even give her the time of day!  What is even more pissed off worthy is that I an others work for our money,  we provide our various services and we are paid…give and take.  Panhandlers are an affront to all of this.

So while you who read this may never make it to Washington, DC,  if you do, forewarned is forearmed and your pocket change will thank you.

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2 Responses to Sucker

  1. Aussie Emjay says:

    Every day for more than a week in the afternoon I saw a guy asking for money to get home to the end of the line; he also had a paper metro card as a prop. I never gave him money and by about the 8th day I wanted to say to him “surely you have enough to get home by now” – yes they are scammers and unfortunately ruin it for those who might legitimately need a few dimes to get home. There’s a young girl with a baby who rides the green line going from car to car asking for money to buy food for the baby – I’ve never seen anyone give her any.

  2. I suspect they prey on unsuspecting tourists. I plan to photograph some more of these ‘characters’ for a later post.

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