Christ, Its been That Effin’ Long since the Last Post?

Yeah, so it has been, but then I written before,  the hours I keep during the weekdays drain all energy out of me.

There’s stuff to write about, but weekends like this one, are all about catching up.  Catching up on a week’s worth of laundry and ironing,  catching up on mowing the lawn, catching up on cleaning up a week’s worth of clutter in the house and above all catching up on rest.

The job itself goes on.  All but a handful of dedicated English language reviews have been let go and for the Japanese language side of the project,  I think I see signs that it too may be starting to wind down as the quality or content of the documents at least I review is starting to become trivial (and easy to review).  Still as I looked at my last pay check yesterday, I’ve grossed so far this year more than many here make in an entire year…..

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