Its the title of a long book I downloaded to my Kindle.

KL was the abbreviation the Nazis used for the word Konzentrationlager,  the original German word for what we know as concentration camps.

It was both informative and frighteming.  Informative as the book details how these camps and the people responsible for them and the horrors perpetrated on anyone the Thrid Reich chose not to like grew very organically and that the final crescendo of horror was the capstone of what came before.

frightening in that after the many, many pages, I could see  the very twisted logic of the Nazis.  But also wondered had the carnage not been stopped by the allies, would the KL system simply and one point declared “victory” and shut down, or would the Thrid Reich have searched for more and more people, of its own and subjugated people, to fill these camps on whatever pretext?

The other lesson is this is not new.  Yes the Nazis did what they did, but so did Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao, The committee of the French revolution,  all it some twisted idea that they could creat their utopia on earth simply by killing off those who do not think or look like them.

Why pick up such a book too?  My answer:  to recognize evil one has to know it and to know it means to study it.

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