The Veneer of Innocence

Or fig leaf, or whatever.

Was looing for the right word for this before I started on this post.

In the work I do now,  many times names of other companies are not written out completely in documents, but instead given code words, most common using the capitalized roman letter of the first letter of the  company’s name.

This is supposed to preserve some sort of secrecy, but to me, it fools no one and while charitably it could be thought of as coy,  to me its is farcical.

Thinking a bit more, the Japanese use “fig leaves” elsewhere.  For example the floating blurred balloons in movies to hide the genital nudity  in movies or late night TV. (one of the bigger surprises in my first year in Japan was how much nudity these was on Japanese TV, late night TV that is)  Or the little old ladies (I am told) who with magic markers, blot out the an genital nudity in imported magazines. Playboy, and the like.

And then there is the veneer of “research” used by Japan for continued hunting of whales.

Like I said, all this fools no one, including the Japanese.

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