Yesterday’s Protest, The Morning After’s Trash

This caught my eye as I was walking to the worksite this morning  think it was in the gutter on 14th Street.


My guess this was carried by someone with a strong opinion on the matter as yesterday the Supreme Court heard oral arguments on whether a state has the right not to recognize gay marriages.

Like so much of the political theater in DC,  the shelve life of such is very short…. things go on and in a way they don’t change much.

What else is there to say?  Not much as work which provides a much appreciated paycheck every week, grinds.  I am amazed I can make each day through the hours we put in.

Nothing really to says about it either; much like standing in front of a machine that punches out  say, broom handles.

Sounds a bit squeezed out perhaps.  That’s because I am.

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