Review Killer

Was labeled that a couple days ago.

Why?  It was in the context of another person being called out for going through too many documents too fast/  I  general in the 11.5 hours at the oars, go through 300 to 400 documents.  which I was told too is working too fast in the sense that doing so makes the project shorter than it could be and throwing people out of work earlier.

I don’t see that and personally and work ethic wise, can’t.

There’s not much to linger over with these documents;  they are for about 99.8% of the time, as interesting as watching a dog squat and poo.  The reviewing steps are simple. first is the document even relevant to the matter at hand either by date or content?  Next,  if relevant, is the content extremely harmful or helpful or neither?  Then, into which data “basket” should this document be put into? And so on and so forth for 11.5 hours

Once these steps have been accomplished, why, or how can one linger before moving on?

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