Elvis Is In The Room

IMG_20150320_174340620_HDR (1)

Found this gem in a store called The Chocolate Moose, on L Street, which I haven’t been to in ages, but when I do go, am never bored with the smart alecky, in your face gifts they offer.

This is actually a shower scrub brush, the “hair” being the part that scrubs, as the user sings perhaps ‘a hunka hunka burning Love’ (?) in the shower.

Why this caught the eye?  Among my cousins is one who let’s say is prissy.  she once said to the family that if they were going to give her anyting for Christmas, that please don’t give her anything tacky.  That was one of this cousin’s bigger poor life choices.

Since then,  for almost every Christmas, there has been a family effort to find and then present her at Christmas, a “special” gift that is as tacky as tacky can be.  From off the cuff memory, she has been given (as still has??),

  • A black velvet painting of Elvis
  • Elvis dolls
  • Macramé
  • Wisconsin cheese earrings
  • A wallet with an all bacon motif
  • ‘Tasteful’ watercolor paintings
  • etc.

So while the year is still early and its months before the 2015v Christmas shopping season begins, this looks to be a contender for this year’s “special” Christmas present.

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