Another Catch Up Saturday

Yes, this is ridiculous, but with the hours worked now, not much room for anything else, including  conversation with wife unit.  And I am a person who if I don’t write, make note of -whatever- soon of something that has briefly snapped me out of my urban lifestyle daze,  it tends to fade away quickly, leaving me with a case of ‘What the hell was that I wanted to write about?’

The employment continues and  I feel like its  starting to consume.  Into a full 7 months now, the longest project I have ever been on and the environment, the people and the content (repetitious with occasional breaks of interesting) all are starting to get on the nerves.

Mentioned how crowded we are in such small space- and one person has wondered if the local laws of maximum occupancy are not being close to violated.  a f’r instance, there  is only one men’s & women’s bathroom on the floor, each with limited facilities.  It is not all uncommon to see a couple of people standing in the hallways waiting for their turn.

Dealing with the supervising attorneys, or more accurately, one of them has become trying too. deal (it’d be a sheer waste of money) with even the mid-level attorneys, but instead have very young, fresh out of law school,  I’ve forgotten more than they even know,  attorneys, of which one, has demonstrated she is dismissive, arrogant, and condescending

Here automatic response to any question brought to her is what does the memo say about the search/relevancy parameters.  Speaking for myself, I know that the damned parameter are by this time.  I bring up questions as from my work experience, flags are raised when I see certain things, and that the supervising attorneys make be aware of things I (and others) may not be and thus the question about a certain document  could be important.

But  hey, the final decisions and responsibilities do not rest on my tired shoulders, and if things go south…..  Frankly this arrogant punk of an attorney will probably crash and burn someday…. I’ve seen it happen before.

One review has mused about approaching organized labor on the idea  of organizing the document review industry.I profoundly hate organized labor and the damage overall wreaked on the industries where it is present. Yet at the same time, I agree with something I read that said if  company/industry is saddled with a union, they probably have done something to deserve one.

In the document review industry, working conditions vary greatly. I have heard of horror stories of reviewers being put into closets, or rooms with pipes and cockroaches.  Then there is pay. We being bilingual  reviewers are paid well (but no benefits) it is only a fraction the hourly rate  the client is being billed at.

But as I say to myself over and over that it could be worse, I still could be at the ghetto company in Ohio. And hey, last week’s snow is gone and we could not be looking at the arrival of spring!

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