Oh Glorious, Its Been Oh Too Long, Coatless Day!

Perfect for a Sunday, temps near 60!  Can I/we hope we’ve seen the last of this year’s deep freeze?

Lots of snowmelt going on which is a visual relief from the snowy scenery, amplified by last Thursdays’ storm which left the outside looking like this immediately  after the snow storm had passed.

IMG_20150305_135028960 (1)

And then a bit eerie in the full moon of the morning after.


Had a nice drive in the countryside west of DC and feel much recharged.  Stopped at Upperville to pay another visit to a militaria shop there( looking for something from the Imperial Armed forces as a B’day present for son unit), had a nice, though bit disconcerting conversation with another browser, a young lady out of Centerville, who is  well-versed in Japanese swords and showed a uncomfortable for me, interest in the Japanese versions of things that go bump in the night (and there are plenty). Her eyes seem to get a bit wide with excitement when I related a story from my past, revolving around a 300 year old katana.

On the return trip back from the last day of last week’s work week, spotted this in the Metro car I was riding in.


What caught my eye was not the prices, but the placement of the ad.  What are the chances I wondered, of a person who can afford a 1 million dollar plus condo, of riding one of many dirty, litter strewn, 3rd world country administered Metro trains?


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