Panic Sunday

Not me, but many other people who once again, after hearing that there is the S-word in the forecast, have like crazed lemmings, made a dash for the grocery store.

Not to get weather-anal retentive, but its been another hard winter here, and harder of course for those elsewhere/northward.  To give an idea,IMG_20150227_055827159

Taken as I walked to the worksite the other day from the Key Bridge.  It takes a long, continued spell of sub-freezing temperatures to freeze the Potomac over, which we’ve had.  Could you walk over it?  I doubt it, but there was one winter, the winter of 76-77 during which the Potomac froze over and the ice was thick enough for people to walk on it.

Filled wife unit’s car up this morning and saw this,


The price per gallon had been perhaps a month ago, just under $2 a gallon and now there’s a creeping spiral up.  Many reasons for this, one which is not well known, is that twice a year,  refiners must switch from one blend of gasoline Summer or winter blend) to another and in doing so,m must flush/clean out their refining infrastructure and storage infrastructure, which adds to costs.

The job?  It get a paycheck which is about all I can say.  Keep applying to jobs that are closer to my full skill/experience set but……Am beginning to wonder is that all there is?

There are funny moments, though few.  Among us is a young Chinese woman, who spent time in Japan and is fluent enough in Japanese & English   for the work we do.  Quiet and has as I discovered last week, a very dry sense of humor.

Mentioned to her my experience with another Chinese woman long ago who took exception to me using ‘The People’s Republic of China’ to called China, China.  I was told empathically, China, is called China.

So asked this woman how she felt and was told, well, we all call it China,  besides, China is not really a people’s republic anyway.

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