The Only Reason Why I am Up and Outside the House at This Hour

…is wife unit remembered at 6;30 this morning, she had to start work which left me with the chore of cleaning/scrapping off the iced over driveway and shoveling out the entrance from the driveway to the street.  am still  wondering why on earth I bought a house with a steeply sloped driveway.

The trip back home was “interesting” was well.  The forecast did not call for the amount of snow that fell and the rate at which it did.  Luckily when I came to pick her up, most people had sensibly finished their business or had stayed home. But the going was tricky to treacherous, all the more as wife unit’s car does not have all wheel drive (neither does mine) and the tires on her car are not meant for snow.

Funny how some people seem to think  they “own” something.  I am sitting the in the common area at wife unit’s store near to the overhead speakers which are blaring out a bit too loudly, music. There are 2 doors usually closed, but left open for some reason, and on the other side some  woman who tells me these are supposed to be kept open, and if they are closed, the store management will think she is responsible for closing them.

I finally got tired of trying to  concentrate and bock out the music, so I closed one of them.  That brought an immediate response from this woman who seems to think I have violated some holy canon by closing the one door to slightly muffle  the sound.  Told her if she wants to complain to the manger or whoever, please go ahead.

Guess there are those in this world whose comfort zone is so small and constricted that  the slightest deviation is hard to deal with.

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