The Bottom did Drop Out

Its was 5 F  yesterday morning, and son unit told me it was -12F (-24C)  in Kentucky yesterday- barely got his car started he said.

Today, its still well below freezing and there’s a real threat of more snow, though again, nothing like what has pounded and pummeled New England this year (7 ft of accumulation and counting). And as is the case here, this has caused another general panic as wife unit’s place of employment is totally packed with folks buying provisions to keep them psychologically comfortable.

Not quite chagrin, but I guess you never know what to expect, as I exited the Metro Center Station, saw the up escalators were once again stopped for no apparent reason, and saw a woman at the top struggling with bags some of which she had left in the middle of the stopped escalator.

Called out thinking she was a tourist struggling with the frequent capriciousness of Metro and told her I’d carry the other bags to the top of the escalator.

The bags weren’t very heavy and a reason for that may be that far from being a tourist, she is homeless.

She thanked me and said ‘God bless you’ and she went her way, I to the worksite.

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