Jesus, Its Been that Long Since the Last Entry?

Finally have the energy to post.

Work has evolved into a haze of metal numbness and fatigue and the days, such as they are, meld into a dark a monochromatic blur.  Yes we have the weekends off and for me,  it means first, Saturday as the day to fully recover physically and mentally, and then Sunday used mostly to get chores done.

Still, we are now in our 7th month, the longest  project I have ever been on,  the money is good and need to earn while this lasts.  Speaking of money, turns out I owe this year in taxes instead of getting back.  part of which probably was the disjointed work year I had last year and second,  a nasty surprise was that while so unit was dependent on us for half of last year,  we cannot claim him as a dependent for his year’s tax filing, i.e., here were not enough taxes taken out/withheld.

Believe I will be changing barbers.  Have been going to one since way back, in Arlington, which is a bit of an out of the way drive for me, for a hair cut as I believe a god barber is like a god doctor, you go even if there is an extra effort.   Yesterday, managed to get an appointment, had the hair cut and because I had no small bills , asked for change for a $20 so I could provide a tip.

Go the change and gave $5 dollars, which the haircutter just tossed causally off to the side of the reception desk.  That hit me as very rude and for me,  as I don’t knowhow much further this project will go and when I will be back on the streets, that $5 dollars is awfully big to me and the gesture deserves better treatment.

Cold today, like 8F in the morning and the forecast for tonight is he bottom will drop out temperature-wise.  Have always wondered then the “polar express” pays us a visit in the Northern Hemisphere, is there a corresponding heat wave in the Southern Hemisphere?

Haven’t been walking to the worksite as much as I have or wanted to do as the weather, either from the rain or the near artistic temperatures, have made such problematic/foolhardy.  On the way n, I walk past an art gallery on M Street, on the eastern edges of Georgetown, which keeps a revolving display of art in the main window.

This  currently hangs in the window to beckon those passing by to come into the gallery.


While fetching at first glance, the piece on the whole, gives me the creeps, like the Orwellian Big Brother poster, thought in this case, its Big Sister.

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