Checking In Ya’ll

Imagine, checking in on one’s own blog, but again  with the work schedule the way there is  no other option.

The monotony of this week was broken up with a short -hour trip to the DC auto show, the second stop in the travelling show that starts first in Detroit at the beginning of the new year.  Former work colleague and friend (not former friend) got 2 free tickets via his remaining connections at Toyota, so off we went.

Last night was especially hard as most people left/leave early (as I usually do) as they max out of the weekly hourly totals.  With the trip to the Auto Show earlier in the week, I had to stay to near closing time and by then the room had gotten disquietingly empty.

The screws at work are being turned tighter.  A memo was sent  out about excessive phone use, both outside the review floor and at the workstations (using the phones to stream stuff instead of working) . More policing is in store and those deemed running afoul will be told to adjust their billing hours.  Give some people an inch and they will take 6 and a half miles.  Its just crappy that all have to suffer.

Had another reminder of the generational gap.  In the course of reviewing a batch of documents, was a piece of sheet music of all things,  for Vie En Rose, sung most notably by Edith Piaf.  Remark to the dude, about son unit’s age about of all the things to find, and the reaction was, what is Vie En  Rose and who is Edith Piaf………………..

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