Really Getting Hard to Write

Is Sunday morning  again, and I am siting snugly in the family room easy chair, with coffee, listening to the morning broadcast, which  broadcast repeatedly the end of the world ( 5 inches max) snow scenarios sandwiched between ads for Caribbean vacations.

I fell more rested now. Yesterday was a recovery day an Friday  felt  was sleep walking towards the end of the work day.  When I got home at around 8:30 in the evening, spent all of  5 minutes talking to wife unit and again headed upstairs to bed and was quickly asleep.

This is not how want to spend my life.  Wife unit in a manner of speaking is a widow- she is usually asleep when I get up and hen leave for the 7:30 start time and as just illustrated, I am too physically and mentally exhausted to spend much with her and even if I wasn’t, because of the early start time and thus wake up time, I’d have to had to bed early anyway.

But the money is insane right now.  January is not yet over and the gross is already over 11k.  And this will end t some point and thus those around me say to find somewhere from within a way to carry on.

A person who was on this project and escaped to a real job, wrote on her Facebook page about 2 women (Japanese I assume) who now are also in the process of divorcing their husbands, who from the congtext of the FB post, are not Japanese or Asian for that matter.

Her own comment ackownledged one should not chose a partner solely on ethinc or cultural background and that there should be an aprecagtin understanding and acceptance.

Her post and point though was a one-way street.  All of the above works both ways, especially when the Japanese (or insert other) woman lives in her husband’s home country.

And as in an earlier post,  its who you decide to marry, not for Japanese women, a chance to ‘learn’ English, to escape  by living abroad, the suffocating cultural/social straightjacket Japanese woman are forced into (as men are too), nor is it  a matter of seeing what  color “it” is.

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