Catching Up Again

Foregoing the  3 mile walk I usually take when going to the worksite as I got up and left the house later than I wanted to and I need to catch up on stuff.


1. Internet access has been cut off.  Full internet access is a rarity on a review project and there were some who were really abusing the privilege But besides being inconvenient, its a double-edged sword as now I for one, cannot go research terms I am unfamiliar with.  There is an internet station but that’s pretty useless for me as I can’t copy down the term then input it if I don’t know what it means to begin with.

2. Reps from the client came the other day and we all had to dress accordingly and keep our workspaces, as tiny as they are, clean.  I always do that so no big deal for me.  Still for all the $$$$$ the client is shelling out, they deserve to have at least the veneer of professionalism.

3, One of the Japanese-speaking reviewers was let go. Why is not clear though plenty  of rumors.  Whatever, I’d say the person let go wasn’t doing something right.

4.  My past corporate experience has served me well.  In the course of reviewing the documents, was one with a problematic photo, a suggestive shot of a woman’s lower portions  mostly unclothed I’m wondering if there was a full photo, if she might have had buck or missing teeth..) Alerted the supervising attorneys (women, BTW)  and the dude next to me made a crack about the photo which I did not respond to owning I thinking to all that I absorbed  on the subject while at Mitsubishi……..

What else?  Besides putting in 11.5 hour days and then going home to physically and mentally recover, not much else.

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