Now Some Time to Catch Up & Write

With the new schedule we have 7:30 to 19:30, there hasn’t been enough time in the morning for me to drop by a coffee shop, boot up, connect to the WiFi (which seems to tae an awful lot of time) and then write.  I instead walk straight to the worksite, get the coffee ready for the office (nobody has asked me to but) and then go to work.

The new hours have left me very tried during the week.  for the past 3 nights,  I’ve been so exhausted from the job, I have gone straight upstairs and to bed and  then wake up  way way earlier than you want to imagine and repeat same.

But tonight I fell less tired and wife unit hasn’t returned from her job so….

Today at mid-morning, all internet access was cut off; not all that surprising as we were told in November this would happen and as a rule projects do not allow free range roaming on the web.  This lead to some real abuse with people streaming stuff while they were supposedly at work.  Not that I was clean, I would occasionally check mail and news, but not for very long.

The issue is production or output- number of documents reviewed. my guess is despite the increased hours the numbers haven’t gone up that much so cut off distractions to force people to work.  I don’t see much effect as today after web access was cu t off many just pulled out their smart phones and carried on.

Thank God tomorrow I will max out well before the scheduled COB.

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