” Wish I Had Married a Nice Japanese Woman Insead”

These were the wistful words of a former work colleague, a Caucasian who as in the same worksite as I back in my Toyota Motor days, who I got back in touch with over the holidays.

After Japan, he wound up marrying a Caucasian woman, having 2 children and then for whatever reasons, wound up in what seems to been a messy, acrimonious divorce, now in  3 years ago.

So the comments came as a reflection of sorts that he’d now be happier if only…..

Not so sure about that and see the comment as going back to happier times for him in Japan when he was fawned over by the OL’s in our dept. as among the 3 western men in the dept., he was the only one unattached.

And its a BIG misconception there’s a correlation to marrying certain women and martial happiness .  Perhaps as wife unit put it, Japanese women are more apt to put up with more crap from their husbands than their western sisters are, but that doesn’t necessarily mean happiness. Second, I can’t speak for other Asian women, but while Japanese women may project the imagine of softness and compliance, beneath that is a core of the hardest steel you can imagine-and I speak from some 30 some years of experience.

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