The Heat Gets Turned Up

At the end of the day yesterday, was announcement that starting this coming Monday, we will be expected to work a minimum of 45  hours a week but it is desired that we put in a max of 55 hour per week (the max now is 50).  Further to accommodate this, the start and closing time will be changed to  7:30 to 7:30.

Doing the math on the train back last night, that means and nice extra weekly infusion of $$  each week, but wonder if I can mentally & physically do it.  About 45 minutes before the office closed for the day yesterday, I was going to re-enter the “work suite” and found myself tugging in vain to open the door and getting frustrated.  Then it dawned on me I needed to swipe the security card first….that’s how exhausted I was.  Plus right now I get back home around  8 pm with a bit of time to talk etc.  The new schedule, if I put in the new max, would have me getting home at 9 pm and then collapse into bed.

Reason for the hours?  There’s a deadline looming sometime early next year.

On another note, there s a loose group of late 20ish  Japanese woman here who I can barely get a good morning or hi out of.  Not looking for  ‘Hey, let’s have a drink after work and then see what happens’, just some civility and casual conversation to break the tedium.

Well, the other day one was talking to a guy who came on board about 3 weeks ago and as the conversation progressed she asked him, “you’re not married, right?’  and the  ‘Ah ha!’  light bulb came on.

Guess the hormonal-driven mating urge overrides civility.

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