The Beginning of Burnout?

Friday was a very bad day, for a host of reasons.

First weather-wide it was the 3rd or 4th consecutive day of clouds, rain and gloom.  It was also part of a disjointed week; we were told not to come into the worksite on Wednesday as the attorneys & staff had things to do and we would just get in the way.  The 3rd and perhaps biggest was the type of stuff we are now reviewing, scanned copies of hard copy stuff, which because  of the scans and the platform we use makes manipulation & viewing exponentially more difficult than with digital documents.

Whatever the reasons, by 2 pm my brain felt as if it had  turned into おかゆ、(rice porridge) and I had 5 more hours to go (usually I can leave much earlier on Fridays as I max out on the weekly total, but with the work week as it was…..)

So productively suffered greatly and arrived back home mentally numb and exhausted.  All that was listed above plus the cumulative effect of consecutive 50-hour work weeks may be taking its toll.

But I am not complaining.  I could still be in Ohio at that ghetto company  (shiver, shudder)

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One Response to The Beginning of Burnout?

  1. “But I am not complaining. I could still be in Ohio at that ghetto company ” When you put it like that… Must be something in the air, I feel like swimming in molasses myself!

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