Warranty Renewal

Is what I call my yearly (knock on wood) visit to my urologist to check that all is well.  Have trepidation, not out of just a visit to the doctor, but given family medical history, very likely there will come a day when I am told not all is well- just hope as I sit in the waiting room, today isn’t that day.

Have to lose perhaps a half day of work and tomorrow all of us have been told to take the day off as there is some work that needs doing and probably better none of us are there.  So coupled with the 2 unpaid days for the Thanksgiving holiday,   the next couple of paychecks will be significantly shorter,  the downside of being an hourly employee.

Our Thanksgiving was a very muted affair. Son unit stayed put in Kentucky as he has very few PTO days and also the weather through parts of the country he would have had to travel through to get home turned very nasty the day before.

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