Close But no Cigar

Wonder were that saying came from?

Applied 10 days or so ago, to an open position, was soon contacted by the recruiter and told I was a very strong candidate.

Alas,  learned yesterday I was not selected to be interviewed.  The issue according to the recruiter was/is the client, who I learned is an affiliate of one of my past employers, really liked what they saw on my resume, but felt me over qualified., and that the upper end of the salary band 100k, was too low.

Flattering to get indirect feedback on what my actual worth may be, but disappointing too that I would have been happy with a 100k salary. Really would be able to find something full-time as for one of many reasons, it would allow wife until to feel a  bit freer about the ties to her job.

On the other hand, I can see the client’s perspective, that I take the job, and work there only until I find a better-paying gig, but at my stage in life, job-hopping is not what I am interested in.

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