What Else Can I Say? Ist Sehr Kalt

Saw something on the street yesterday morning, when the outside ambient temperature was in the low 20’s (That’s – 4 something in C)  which bothered me as a parent… On the opposite side of a street I was about to cross (light was green) stood a woman with a stroller, intently fixed on her hand-held device.  The child in the stroller, a small girl of maybe 3 did have a knit hat on and coat- though I think she needed something warmer. The mother did not move until she had done what she wanted to do on the hand-held, and that bothered me was that this woman/mother  if she needed to futz with her hand-held, should have gotten someplace, a lobby or whatever, to get her child out of the cold, and then return to her hand-held dependence problem.

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