A Slice of DC Street Life

Sitting at a coffee shop (where Christmas carols are playing now!) on K Street and am thinking of what I saw last night as I left the worksite towards Metro Center, passed a man in a wheelchair, black, and looking for passerby’s to given him money.

As I passed him, another man, while walked the other way, and as he neared the black man, the black man said  in a truculent tone ‘I don’t like you!”.  The white man, a total stranger took this personally and engaged the wheelchair-bound black man, berating him saying he had confronted him, the black man responding in kind.

It got very loud and I thought how foolish it was to get into a loud argument on the street with a paraplegic. and what I would have done.

Personally, I would have ignored him as I would an annoying pigeon, or have said, ‘Well,  I can’t be liked by everyone’, which is something I go by in my daily interaction which my fellow human beings.

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