Its Friday, the sun is about to come up and shine,  another nice paycheck will be deposited into the checking account and I need only work until 4:30.

One of  the many pieces of advice given to son unit (and hopefully taken to heart) I’ve given him is one of the easiest things in the world to lose and most difficult to regain is a person’s trust.

Good lesson in that this week.  The woman who sits next to me, and who complained about the 3 chatterboxes who sit in front of us,  is afraid of retaliation, in the way of a lawsuit.  A couple of days ago, she thankfully sent me first an e-mail through the employer’s system (bright)  outlining her concerns and including my name without asking me!  She asked me what I thought and told her this was a very, very, bad move and if she really had these concerns, she needs to first speak directly to the project manager, She also wanted to have a dinner tonight with an attorney she & I know and wanted me to bring wife unit along.

Another “bright” idea.  First I’ll deal with any retaliation when and if it happens, and there is no reason in this worked or any other universe to involve wife unit  in this.

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