Me and Another Person’s Big Mouth

Have Have discovered a shared data package of 4GB for our smart phones is not enough…. we’ve used up all our monthly data allowable data as of yesterday afternoon. Am told 4GB for 3 people is far too small………

At the job I am at all sit pretty much cheek & jowl at our review “suites” and can be privy  whether we want to or not, to conversation of others as well as others to mine.

Now. directly in front of myself and a woman who sits next to me, are 3 women, supposedly attorneys, one in particularity chatters for pretty much the entire time she is at her work station, and when she isn’t she has been taking/making phone calls at the work station, which is expressly forbidden, or she disappears for extended periods of time (in Japanese, there is a word for this, 給料泥棒: lit: salary thief) . This has been going on from pretty much the beginning of the review in early September.

On Tuesday morning, after this person had chatted pretty much non-stop on non work related matters for about an hour, the  woman & I had had enough, went to one of  the supervising project managers to complain.  The response was a general e-mail to all reminding all of office etiquette and that use of phone inside the review area is not allowed.

Now do I do similar?  No.  I generally keep quite but when I do have a sidebar, I keep my voice down and limit the talk to a just a few minutes.

These 3 took it personally,  guessed who complained and spent yesterday I am told, while on the clock, putting together papers for some undefined legal action against somone.  This too was brought to the attention of those who supervise (not by me) and yet they still have their jobs???

Concerned? No, as I have done nothing wrong and my work is well-thought of by the attorneys of the law firm for which we are contracted to.  If one of those 3 can have my job over that…they can have it.

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