Wrong Me, Wrong Century?

I had a debate with the woman who sits next to me at the document review, who has some pathological need to have the last word.  The subject was every morning that I choose to walk from Virginia into DC,  I, either before I cross the Key Bridge, while I am on it, or starting to walk on M Street, invariably pass a late 20ish woman, the same woman going the other way.

Being that this has happened so many times now, I would think a brief ‘good morning’ or a nod, would be in order, just as a matter of human courtesy.  And I am told I belong in the 19th Century.

Can’t see very well from my perch at the Penn Ave Peet’s as its still dark (Daylight Savings Time is far too long!), but it looks as though Penn Ave. is still open to pedestrian traffic, even after last night’s “festivities” (another person eluded the Secret Service and jumped the WH fence- but didn’t make it very far) Believe I may have mentioned somewhere is a past post I read about WH access back in the day of Truman; that during the summer, people would run to take refuge under the North Portico during summer thunderstorms.

Ah how times are different.

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3 Responses to Wrong Me, Wrong Century?

  1. Aussie Emjay says:

    Oh, I absolutely like some acknowledgment from people I see ever day. Just a nod, a smile or “hello” . I have so many commuter “friends ” and I’m sure we all enjoy a little touch of friendly recognition in this rushed life. They are all ages too though must admit not as many youngsters – their eyes are usually looking down!

  2. Not a matter of the era but of the area. It was that way back in CT too. But here in the southwest, not acknowledging passersby, people in lines, cashiers, etc., is unheard of. Everyone starts conversations with no self-consciousness. There’s a lot of friendly chattering everywhere you go! Is it the sunshine? Don’t know but it’s one of the things I will miss most if I ever get out of AZ.

  3. @ Aussie Emjay & Find an Outlet. Yesterday morning was no exception, she just strutted on by. On the other hand as I was walking east on Penn Ave, a homeless man wrapped in a large white sheet/blanket (it was a bit chilly yesterday morning) Said ‘good morning’ to me as we passed. And I did reply with a ‘Good Morning’ to him.

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