The Exit Door is Open

Not for me unfortunately, but for the Japanese woman who sits next to me, the now single mother, has been offered an admin job at One of the Japanese companies here and she’s balking.  The money won’t be that good, and Japanese companies are notoriously stingy with salaries for locals. What we make per hour here on these review projects, if extrapolated over a 1920 hour work year would = a good 6-figure income, BUT very few of these projects last beyond 4 months (the Toyota Project was an exception) and then its out on the streets and who knows how many weeks/months before another project comes along?

Told her she’ll have a steady income, a 401k, health insurance, paid leave- what on earth is there to dither about?  I look at all these offices in town and wonder why there isn’t one I can fill…   I’d leave this all behind in a heartbeat for full-tie employment.

For  moment last night, I thought I’s also be walking back to Rosslyn as there were ten or so fire trucks around Metro Center Station, hoses unraveled and said to myself, ‘This is not good’  Walked to McPherson to find the trains to VA still running and got back home without too much loss of time.

Have quite the drizzly nose this morning, an artifact of the morning walk, which at first the body & mind balks at, but once across the Key Bridge and past Wisconsin ave, the adrenaline pump kicks in I suppose,….

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