Say Howdy-Do to Winter

It was a crisp 42 degrees outside this morning as I left for another day in front of a desk top.   “Everyone” ‘says’ this coming winter will be a harsh one, but we’ll see.

Yesterday however was as nice as a fall day could be and instead of vegetating in front of a TV and watching football-which I only have a passing interest in, drive the car through the Shenandoah and took in the scenery.  No pics as driving and manipulating a smart phone are tasks I have yet to master.

Son unit had a wedding to go to over the weekend, a college school friend, who tied the knot at the all too early age of 22.  Don’t know about you, but I certainly had no strong urge to marry at that age and the way things worked out, marrying @ the ripe old age of 29 worked out.

Texted him about did he have a good time and did his car behave itself. to which I got the terse & economical verbiage of “Yes and yes”.  The upside I suppose is he’s communicating in semi-whole sentences instead to a series of sub-linguistic grunts which we were supposed to be able to interpret.

Was taking to one of my neighbors about a tree on our property that we both agree needs trimming back.  Its leaning towards his property which makes cutting what needs cutting back a bit tricky.  spoke of getting on a ladder to tie a rope to the limbs and pull them towards our house as they are cut.  Was told I am too old to get on a ladder now.

Right.  I walk weather permit8ng 3.4 miles a day and I’m too old to get on a ladder?!

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