Getting Too Used to This

This week has been draining- due I  believe to the streak of very dreary weather we’ve had here (which is good though for the parts of the lawn I re-seeded last weekend).  Another factor is this is the 5th or perhaps 6th consecutive week I’ve put in the full 50 hours and the toll is starting to show (as well as my age?).

As I’ve written before, the work isn’t psychically  demanding, but it is in a sense very much like assembly line work- its just that instead of one’s hands and body, one uses the brain- for 10.5 hours a day.

And I have to keep reminding myself  while this is not what I really want to do, it could be worse, yes indeed much worse as I experienced earlier this year in Ohio.  When I use the restrooms, there are no ‘leftovers’ from the previous user, nor crudely drawn penises or vaginas on the walls.  We can have coffee wherever, whenever we want and thank God we do not have to wear those insane white uniforms.

Grateful I am not to still be there.

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