Middle of The Work Week Thoughts

Not sure if I was insulted or not.  There’s a kid on this document review, a girl about son unit’s age, not Japanese, but who grew up  in Nagoya and since I was there too, in the few times we’ve spoken, there’s lots in common.
Anyway,  she comes up to me as I was eating my lunch in the kitchen area yesterday and asks me about a Halloween party she’s going to have next weekend and if I might be interested in coming, then she stops in mid-thought and says she forgot I have a family so the offer was quickly withdrawn…
The Japanese woman next to me, a single mother-recently granted a divorce-  got only 4 hours of sleep on Monday night (she said) and as the afternoon wore on, she was just hanging on.   Suggested she think about having someone drive her back home so she could get some sleep in her car- to which I was hissed at to keep my concerns to myself…. Think I’ll volunteer a suggestion to her again?
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