How Toxic is He?

Obama that is..

I refrain from making this a strictly political blog as there way too many out there and they tend to be echo chambers, but the other morning, was watching the news and b-roll of a debate between the incumbent Senator and his Republican challenger and it was enlightening and eye-opening to see the pains the incumbent (Warner, FWIW- who rode to office on Obama’s coat-tails) made during the debate to distance himself from Obama.

Obama is as toxic as toxic can be and he only has himself to blame.  His so-called biggest success has turned to be the albatross around his neck and those who have towed the party line.

His defining moment indeed has been Obamacare,  but defining for the wrong reasons. By ramming this ‘signature’, all or nothing, poorly thought out piece of legislation through by a supermajority and not working with the Republicans to take their interests into account,  he did not bind them to the disaster Obamacare as become and will continue to be.  In the manner  Obamacare was crafted passed and enacted, he instantly positioned the well for anything else and as the Republicans were not made a part of Obamacare, they are not bound to/by it and completely free to exploit it and other Presidential failings.

And this person was so smart  he chaired the Harvard Law Review?  Its a good thing he no longer needs to stand for election. If he did he’d make Carter’s burial at the hands of Reagan look mild.

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