A Disaster as Expected

Wife unit’s visit to Son unit’s place was I figured/feared it would be, not a smooth one.  And I have had to listen to her side of the story when she returned on Saturday night and all of Sunday.

In part, son unit was not the best or most considerate host.  I experience similar when I was there, but I put it all down to his still lack of maturity.  I can think (and shudder) of what I was like when I was his age.

But part is that wife unit is also extremely self-centric & controlling and expects things to be done for her (and then she complains I have never helped her become more self-sufficient).  For example, she wanted to go to a nearby Costco and expected son unit to tell her how to get there.  Now back in the day, yeah, but with access to computers and Google maps…?

She also accidentally found some items that were for her and for me disturbing.  Not drugs, but some sex toys he has bought on line.  This makes me wonder WTF is going on in his life/in his head and what options I may have about trying to do something about it.

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