Wife Unit on The Way Back Home

She called from Kentucky about an hour or so ago, telling me she was about that start her drive back.

She has/had paid vacation time which she was going to lose if not used.  I suggested she fly out to either Vancouver, BC or San Francisco to see some friend she hasn’t seen in ages. But no, since she hasn’t seen for herself the beginnings of son unit’s life in Kentucky, she decided to drive, see for herself and then come back.

I know I will get a full report once she arrives and my hunch is things probably did not go all that well, mainly because while son unit still does have to mature a great deal more- like get the hell off his computer and participate in life, no matter how much she harangues and nags, its not going to change because of her.

Partly because her expectations are very high, too high I believe, in relation to how old he is and how much of an adult he is and second,  if there’s one thing she has yet to learn is the last person our son (or any child) is going to listen to is his parents, which I don’t think is particular to son unit, but to all young, dare I say western, adults?

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2 Responses to Wife Unit on The Way Back Home

  1. Aussie Emjay says:

    I think just spending time together is important. I hope she had a nice time out there.

  2. Oh yes, that was the point, a parent’s and more so a mother’s bonds are never quite severed. Funny thing; son unit texted me (why not call??) to ask if she had arrived yet.

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