Jesus! Not the Diety, but the Expression

Was chatting in the kitchen area with one of the fellow reviewers, a Japanese woman, newly brought on and is pleasant, unlike some of the battleaxes ( can anyone tell me what  the Japanese equivalent for that is?), who have worked on the project for a longer time.  She has gotten off to a bit of a rough start;  she was pushed to the platform at a Metro station leaving her face looking as if she’d been punched.

Talked  about our weekend plans and learned a looooong, solitary drive  all the way to Arkansas  and back was in the works….. to attend the funeral of a long  and dear friend.    Okay, not the best way to spend a weekend, but sometimes you have to do what you have to do.

Then the conversation thread went  off on the review content and personalities and on to engineering types.  She mentioned her father was an automotive engineer, which piqued my interest and asked at which OEM her father worked for.  She said  Honda and added her father is no longer alive, he had been killed- which dropped the jaw about a foot, and then she added both her mother and father were killed- in an airplane crash!

Since the jaw could not drop any further, I involuntarily shook my head as if I had just been doused with two large buckets of iced water.  Like what the hell does one say, that’s appropriate, in response to something like that?!

More so, this makes me wonder if there is indeed bad karma, vibes or luck and being saddled with such.

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2 Responses to Jesus! Not the Diety, but the Expression

  1. Aussie Emjay says:

    It’s always awkward when someone drops news like that on us – but I suspect it’s also a bit awkward for them telling it. It was probably very hard at first but now they’ve said it so often it sounds almost blunt. Got to watch out on the metro! I get quite nervous on some of the ridiculously crowded stations.

    • The problem I see with the overcrowded at rush hour Metro stations, like Metro Center & Farragut West is a general problem of the system itself and that s it was never rally envisioned as a true mass transit system, but rather a system to whisk the tourist to and from. This to too small stations & platforms, etc.

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