Called Out

I and 5 others from the review group were called out and told we’d be assigned to a special task of QC-ing document need for production, which have been miss-tagged/categorized. I guess I and the others were chosen as our regular work is in their eyes, outstanding……

It did not go well though yesterday after we were dismissed.  At least for me, the group of files/batch I had, had in it what I call an ‘evil’ document; one that when it is brought up, will cause the software program to freeze and ultimately crash.

Still it was a nice break from the monotony of regular document review.  The work as I may have explained before, is not physically taxing, but it requires concentration and is very, very repetitious. do that for 10 hours a day and you’ll find yourself as exhausted as if you had spend most of the day digging post holes.  Still this gig is a paycheck and a fairly good one too.

Frankly I do expect that perhaps in 7 or 8 years, someone will develop a program to have a computer parse documents, though in the end, like machine translation,  the day when an algorithm is created to 98% mimic a human’s capabilities is still far, far into the future

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