Friday Appreciation

Today, I only have to stare at the PC until 16:30 before I max out for the week!   Yesterday was really bad fatigue-wise.  There was one word in a document I stared at for a minute or so in one document as I thought it was the Japanese equivalent of ‘bacon’ .  


Some on this project have groused about how ‘boring’ the work is.  Depends on what one looks at I guess.  I see it as a chance to learn something, even if only superficial, about a business and it you pay attention,  you’ll see the personality traits of the writers, like a couple, man & wife who sometime end their business e-mail exchanges with Japanese equivalents of ‘Okay, sweetums, I’m going home now.” All right my heartthrob, I’ll meet you at the car’; yeeeech!


There’s one woman at the work-site,  one who has shown she has  all the personality of a rotted tomato, who doesn’t  people making like ‘noise’.  She’s supposed to be an attorney too.  Yesterday, she walking in the office dressed like sailor moon, you know, knee-high stockings a short frilly dress, white blouse and hair tied in pigtails……and she’s definitely fortyish……….  Bit early for Halloween.  Had a god laugh with visuals of women who I know of, who are also attorneys dressed like that at their offices.

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