Out on The Street Already?

This review project was supposed to last up to December or even into January, but in an industry newsletter I get in my e-mail, I see there are events in [play which may shorten the duration greatly.

That sucks of course to think about being out of work again, though I will be able to reopen an unemployment claim, plus there’s the putting a number of things on hold until there is certainty of income.

Speaking of which, one thing that wasn’t in the area where the Ghetto Company is located but prevalent and annoying as flies here, are panhandlers.  Yesterday on the way back to the car and home,  was accosted I believe 3 or 4 times.  One would like to help, but when those supposedly in need come up with a sense of entitlement…..

On another tack,  discovered on of the reviewers, a Japanese woman from NYC  and I have a mutual friend, also in NYC.  Now what has struck me is this woman, the mutual friend and a few others in this review are truly bi-lingual and bi-cultural yet the fleeting, temporary  document review project work is all they can find?

Perhaps its a personal choice- after all get a good and long enough gig and once its over one does not need to work for several months.  But personally, I’d trade the security of a full-time job for that any day.

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