The Weekly Circle Goes ‘Round Again

So, I went for the weekend to a vacation home owned by someone I’ve known through work for many years. Drove all the way to a place called Davis, WV.  Pretty rural, with more than a few refugees for the city. Was very chilly. the temp there yesterday morning was in the mid-40’s and supposedly there are only 2  months in the year in which there is no chance of snow.  Hurricane Sandy dumped rain on the East Coast, was told  they got 40 inches of snow….
  Nice place, though getting there is for the hardy and four-wheeled drive.  Pretty much shot my dietary restrictions to hell with the Burbon and bottle of Spanish wine consumed.
But something about the visit  was very unsatisfying and tired me…. didn’t do anything strenuous, but I was very exhausted when I got home, went to bed when a 9-year old would and pretty much slept through the night……….
Interesting human dynamics at the worksite.  There are those Japanese who have been at this project for a while and somehow feel they are entitled to have  loud say in how things are run. To wit,  the woman next to next was scolded for being too loud in the kitchen area.  The scolded is not that loud and even if she  was,  the work “suites” are a safe distance away and the doors are always kept closed.  Had I been the one scolded, I would have asked the scold who died and left her queen of the Klingon Empire.
Am pretty proud of myself this morning;  instead of waiting for the parking garage door where I park to open for business, I snuck in along with a monthly pass holder well before the place was officially open for business.
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