Hah-ha! (Herman Muntz)

Had an interesting conversation yesterday, with the Japanese woman who sits next to me.  The very young and junior attorneys who baby sit usually  push the limits of business casual dress.   But yesterday, one came after lunchtime, dressed in a nice black, formalish one piece dress.  Remarked she was dressed like that as she probably had a meeting at her firm’s office.
Now the woman sitting next to me either out of not being wise to the ways here or more likely out of a hard-wired need of the female of the species to prove (or try to at least) the male of the species wrong,. disagreed.  
Went back and forth a bit until I finally said to her to go ask this attorney if she had been in a meeting. If she hadn’t  I said, I’d buy her coffee (any kind) for all of next week, but if she was wrong  then I’d be enjoying free coffee.  Her self confidence evaporated very quickly  Guess that’s one for us dudes.
Riding back to Rosslyn on the Metro last night, realized something; that DC is very much a young person’s town, which probably explains in part why I feel more comfortable here than I did in Ohio, where the people there are waiting for God- they just don’t know that.
Another long day til 7 pm I hope.  We are paid overtime for this review and hanging in today til 7 means an extra $500+ in the paycheck.


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