The Waitng Game is Over, for a While

Got an e-mail and then telephone call from a legal recruiter yesterday, and now I am on a J-E discovery project that is supposed to run 4 to 5 months, but that could change of course, from my experience, on the whims/needs of the client.

This does not, as I hope I’ve explained clearly to the recruiter in Kentucky, I have given up on full-time, salaried employment.  I am still willing to interview for that position even though superficially , the salary is much lower- in the end it could be a wash as it would be full-time employment for as long as I or the employer wished.

The other job I interviewed for,……got a call from someone at the recruiting firm, and its clear they haven’t quite got thier act  all together.  Did mention I had contacted their on-site person and heard nothing back and was told the company would contact her to get in touch with me.

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