The Waiting Game

I’ve not been idle since leaving behind one of my life’s wrong turns.

Interviewed for a short-term, interpreter job with my old employer, Toyota, in Kentucky.  Its  part of a new production line now under construction at the plant and while its only a contractual, 18-month job,  its very appealing as there’d be much to learn -and write about.

The decision on who will be hired for this position was supposed to have been made two days ago, Monday, and despite e-mails and voice messages to the person in change of contracting, I’ve had no word.

A long-term e-discovery project here in DC, for which I had thought-from an e-mail- I had not been selected for has cropped up and I understand I am in the running for.  This will start this coming Monday, and if no word soon from this recruiter….

Another, shorter e-discovery project, also here in DC I am under consideration for but no assurance I will be picked.

And yet another, also in Kentucky which I may be interviewed for.

Otherwise life is sitting idly watching what I call nursing home TV programming, cooking breakfast for wife unit and mowing the lawn.

Life could be worse, I suppose

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