For Taking the Road Less Traveled

Am home now, a very nice feeling after putting Northwestern Ohio in the rearview mirror for good.

Have come home to discover we need a new central AC unit.  The one that was with the house when we bought it had a few years of use on it already and I guess its given up the ghost. Yesterday & today however, the temps have been low enough to be pleasant inside without AC.

Also have discovered that in my absence, wife unit has rearranged things so that many items are not where I think they are/want them to be. 

On the way back, and since there was no hurry to get back, instead of taking the McRoad, I 64 through VW (which is a toll  road)  I took what was in the day, the only way through the mountains eastward/westward from VA through WV, US Rt. 60, which had, and looking at a number of freshly damaged guardrails, still has a reputation as a nasty road -I almost T-d a semi when taking one of the many 90 degree turns as I was not concentrating enough.

Along the way, I stumbled across this now a bit down at the heels/could use new management inn that has been in business along the route since the early 1800’s.

image (83)

Yes, the door lintel is crooked, its not an illusion.




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