How Does it Feel?

Feels wonderful knowing I need not report to the ghetto company any longer and am out of desolate, boring Northwest Ohio. Note,  and piece of advice; I had my Google account on the company PC and had to uninstall it so they would not have access to it as well

Noticed in the news this morning one of the larger cities nearby (relatively speaking) has water issues- microorganisms in the tap water.  While this city’s water supply is different from where I was,  I still can’t help but wonder if something in the water there contributed to almost continual lower tract issues while I was there- everything is normal now.

Ok, so now what?  Have applied and applied to new jobs. On my last day @ ghetto company, had a call from a recruiter for a similar position in Kentucky, but from the conversation, it seems this company wants an interpreter more than a  translator, and I am not really comfortable with interpreting, and second the yearly salary is low, which according to reviews, is par for this company.  Other lines in the water include contactor, short-term jobs at home and a salaried position here where son unit now calls home.

Son unit does concern me, a bit more than the normal parental worrying.  With the exception of a trip for provisions yesterday at the local Costco, he’s been, as he is now, glued to his PC.  Have told him he’s missing a lot in life by not getting out and about.  Have offered to take him skeet shooting today, a sport I think I would enjoy as it flows in a way, from his love of paintball.

He demurred saying as he’s got an early start tomorrow for one-week business trip that will take him to Baja, Mexico for a week, he wants to take it easy.  He always ‘takes it easy’

The apt could look better too.  There’s a pile of clothes on the floor in his bedroom, which are clean, but he says he’s “too lazy” to hang up.  Have also told him if he brings a woman back to his place and she sees the state of his apt., if she’s worth having a relationship with, she’ll dump him very quickly. No woman wants a husband she has to constantly pick u up after like a child.

Tomorrow, with luck, I’ll be able to squeeze into one of the plant tours here in Georgetown Kentucky.  Never had the chance to come here when I was employed at Toyota.

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2 Responses to How Does it Feel?

  1. Are you talking about Toledo? Just saw something in the paper this morning about it. Hardly appetizing.

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