When Will They Ever Learn?

I haven’t, nor plan to do much writing in this blog about politics and my own beliefs. The political blogs I follow tend to be one-dimensional echo chambers in which there no real persuasion, just mostly trading of ad hominem attacks.

But in this case.

One of the sadder things in living here (besides little to do) is driving through small town after small town, shuttered up and empty to the point I wonder if the buildings  in what was these town’s centers ought to be just knocked down and perhaps the then vacant land turned into baseball fields.

Passed through one such town yesterday evening returning from touring President Warren Harding’s (not one of America’s most remembered Presidents) home.

This caught my eye.


For those unfamiliar, UAW stands for the United Auto Workers union, a union which once could count on membership in the millions and of course powerful.   Now….. This local chapter is like most of the rest of this town boarded up, and from the looks of the exterior, boarded up for quite sometime.  It is ironic the building number also stands for an emergency code that means bring help quickly.

Now organized labor isn’t solely to blame for the hollowing out of these once viable towns; big box retainers, malls have contributed to this too.  But in the end it comes down to people moving away for lack of jobs. Jobs lost because organized labor believed it could,  even in the face of foreign competition, saddle companies with obligations & promises they could not keep and perhaps the unions knew they could not keep.

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