On Taking the Less Traveled Road

Weekends have been a challenge here in the Land of The Ghetto Company.  To give you an idea,  the closest Starbucks is about 40 miles away- one way and as I’ve become soooo tired of the same thing for breakfast at the hotel, I’ve fond myself gong 20 minutes just to eat  McBreakfast at a Panera!

so tat leaves driving, lots and lots of aimless driving.  Not all that bad as there’s little to no traffic on the local roads and as most are laid out in a checkerboard fashion, navigating is not all a challenge either, at least for me it isn’t.

And  just turning the steering to point the vehicle it a whimsical direction can yield surprises, like this.



What I chanced upon is a fully restored (by an individual no less) example of the proverbial little red school house.

What made the stop even more a surprise was as I was walking around, another person pulled up, asked my business, and she turned out to be the person who had the key to the place, let me in and have me a short history of the place.

Travelling around here, one sees many building like this- the reason- it was mandated when these were built (this one in 1889) that they be located so that no child had to walk more than 2 miles to the school.  Let that sink in for a minute folks in the U.S., walk to school. Sometimes, I was told the walk to school was impeded by such things as flooded creeks.

All but this one I’ve seen are used as houses, storage, one even converted into a bar.  This one operated until 1929 I was told. And when the restoration was complete those who were students then and could be tracked down, came as well as the last teacher, then 93, for a ‘re-opening’

The school year then for boys was very different too. The boys went to school until April and then left for spring planting and did not return to school until October when the harvest was over.


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