Rounding the Turn for the Final Week

My resignation I believe was announced today at the morning meeting as later in the morning, one of the Japanese assignees asked if I was really leaving.

So this will be my final weekend in Ohio- and I hope it will be a while before I need set foot here again.

But tonight I learn a bit more of what it can be like living and growing up here far away from a large metropolis and in a way, a reminder that an America portrayed in the 60’s on TV by The Andy Griffin Show & others may not quite be gone.

When I returned to the hotel room, I spotted a dusting rag housekeeping had left in the room, which later I gave to one of the women who is working  housekeeping night shift here tonight.

She knew I worked for the ghetto company and asked if I knew her son, an engineer there. I told her I probably did and she mentioned the name and it turns out he sits very close to me.

After some small talk, she shared with me a story from her son’s past. Seems this son and another boy, when they were teens, had the bright and a bit funny idea of taking leftover, thrown out pizza dough from one of the pizza joints here and stuffing mailboxes with it.
Of course as the day would wear on and the outside temperature rose, the dough stuffed inside the mailboxes would rise was well, conceivably filling the entire mailbox, leaving the postal worker or the homeowner with a surprise and a gooey mess to clean out.

There’s also a more serious aspect to this; tampering with mailboxes, even if residential ones, is a federal rap. The chief of police in this small town she said, decided to forgo what could have been done as he appreciated she was a single mother with 2 teenage boys on her hands. Did not ask what consequences there were, but can assume they were not what could have been if the federal rap route had been pursued.

Back home in VA, where things are not as close and personal, bet the outcome would have been much different.

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