Drug Testing Again

Not another round, but I was told by a person who works at the hotel I stay at, and who also has a close relative who works at the ghetto company(this is  small town, folks), the close relative happened to walk into the HR part of the office prior to the testing and saw out in the open the list of names of those selected for random testing, among those names were people she knew would fail.

Apparently out of pity for these people as they also have families, there was the thought of letting these people know so they could simply take the day off & supposedly skip the test.  Said that had that happened, this person’s close relative would have been in a w world of trouble herself.

Have no issues with drug testing when in this case people  at the ghetto company operate machinery that could if the person is impaired, greatly harm then or others and make a defective product which if assembled onto a vehicle, could have serious repercussions as well.

So, have no sympathies in this case;  the rules are clear- zero tolerance  family to support or not.

On the other hand, HR leaving that list out in the open was just unprofessional as it gets.  That is confidential information which should have been put away when the person in charge of it left their desk.




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