Dumber Than a Brick (And my aplogies to bricks)

This afternoon, as I sat at the desk at work, I heard someone call out my name which I paid no attention to at first as there are a couple of  people with the same name here , but when the name was called again, I looked left and there was someone behind me with a sheet of paper, who tells me I am wanted.

Thinking I was being called to the plant floor to interpret for someone, I asked “What’s up?”, as I have done to get the who, what, where etc., before going out.

Nope,  was told so everyone within 20 feet could hear, I was part of a group randomly selected for drug screening-never mind the drug screen I had to take to start employment here some 4 months ago.  So I am marched off to a partitioned area of the office, told to empty my pockets of my white, Aum Shinrikyo knockoff uniform, handed a small clear, sealed container and then marched past  (as others were too) all those sitting at desks between the partitioned area and the door to the men’s toilet, with labeled container in hand and in view.

Reaching the toilet, I was told not to flush or wash my hands (ick!).  Once business was ‘done’  I was marched back, again past the desks of co-workers with a now full container of my urine, visible despite efforts to conceal, into the partitioned area, told to hand over the sample, told to sign off on documents and then given an alcohol solution to finally cleanse my hands (wonder what the women do because…..) and then allowed to gather the belongings in my pocket and go back to my desk.

This sequence of events was done with all the delicacy, finesse and sensitivity of a lock-down drug screening.

Moral of the story:  no matter how crappy you think your day/ or place of employment is/can be, remember it could be like this.  No argument about random drug testing at some work sites, but the way this was carried out is another matter.

Just another reason why I will shed no tears when I put this place in the rearview mirror.

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