Amakudari 天下り

The term, for those not familiar with it, translates literally as ‘decent from heaven’  and is used to describe  personnel transfers such as from a government agency to the private sector, or personnel transfers from the large parent company, to a smaller, second or third tier company.

There are many reasons for this and its a double-edged tool.  In some cases, say in the case of a board-level exec I know of,  sent out to a subsidiary company,  it does not always mean a demotion; it can in fact be a back-handed compliment as this person has shown skills and performance that are needed at the subsidiary for the greater benefit of the whole.

Conversely, it is also used by the larger,  parent company to gently clear out what can be called personnel ‘dead wood’.

This is what the ghetto company is dealing with.  Its Japanese present was sent out from the larger company, has no manufacturing background and from what I have observed and from conversations I have had with others, is a man very much out of his depth, and if I am to believe what I have heard, many of the problems that this ghetto company now faces can be attributed to him and his mismanagement.

I am assuming word of my notice to resign has not been made widely known within the ghetto company as there has been no comment for co-workers.  Did mention this morning to a person at the front desk of the hotel I’ve been staying at since starting this job, that I had given notice and would be checking out for good as of ….  she, a former employee herself of the ghetto company, offered her congratulations.


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